W108 - Tuned In or Turned Off: A Global Company's Approach for Better Online Engagement

Wednesday, February 06 | 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM | Room: 2D

Session Description:
Have you ever attended a boring online presentation or webinar? Worse yet, have you ever given one? Creative use of common design and delivery tools like polling, raise hand, laser pointer, whiteboard, chat, webcams, and annotation transforms boring to interesting, disengaged to motivated, and money waster to positive return. Add good PowerPoint design and audiences will improve their retention by paying better attention. A bonus is feedback that the online experience flew by quickly instead of dragged too long. This session highlights one company's highly acclaimed virtual trainer workshop. Graduates boast higher confidence and significant increases in Level I and II scores. Familiarity with your online platform is recommended.

Application on the Job:
Apply proven design strategies for more engaging live online training.
Use common online meeting and presentation tools in new ways to increase virtual participant engagement and interest.
Follow job aids used by trained facilitators for more effective design and delivery of online events.

Type: Concurrent Session

Tracks: Virtual Classroom

Attendee Level: All Levels/General

Target Audiences: Instructional Designer, Trainer/Facilitator

Topic: Design

Handout(s): Presentation


Smith, Bruce

Smith, Bruce

Corporate Manager, eLearning

Emerson Electric Co