W44EXD - Applying Gamification and Adaptive Microlearning in Business: Tales From the Trenches

Wednesday, February 06 | 2:20 PM - 2:50 PM | Room: Demo Area 4, EXPO

Session Description:
Can applying mechanics from the world of gaming actually make learners more engaged and excited about learning? Does microlearning actually drive higher knowledge retention and make learning more relevant and applicable? Join Erika Moree, AVP of training and development at Synchrony, a premier consumer financial services company, as she shares her experience applying gamification and adaptive microlearning in the field. Learn how she supercharged Synchrony's training programs with great results and how you can do it too!

Application on the Job:

Type: Exhibitor Demo Session

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Moree, Erika

Moree, Erika

AVP Training and Development