FR102 - CANCELLED - Proven Practices in Learning Curation

Friday, February 08 | 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM | Room: Ballroom A

Session Description:
In this session, you will discover why curation is a necessary L&D skill in today's digital workplace. The competitive edge of your organization lies in the ability of employees to continue to learn. A great way to enable this culture is through the curation of internal and external content to enable effective learning experiences for the right audiences at the right time. You will also discover how to effectively blend creation with curation to ensure that your curation enables reflection, on-the-job application, and the right context for your audience. You'll explore examples of effective curated learning pathways as well as case studies from organizations in different industries that are reaping the benefits of curation.

Application on the Job:
Describe why curation is critical to the success of an organization today.
Determine what type of creation is often necessary to ensure effective learning curation.
Apply proven practices to curate effective learning experiences.

Type: Cancelled Event

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