FR104 - Experience API 201: Move From Experimentation to Mastery

Friday, February 08 | 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM | Room: Ballroom C

Session Description:
Do you have a conceptual understanding of xAPI but don't know how to graduate from playing with xAPI to using it for serious business? This session will address three core considerations to help you get started with xAPI: security, trust, and profiles. When it comes to security, you'll learn the basics regarding authentication for both launched and non-launched learning content. You'll learn how to build trust using statement signing, infrastructure, and encryption, which will help you rest assured when it comes to the veracity of statements. We'll also teach you the basics for using profiles in your organization so that you can create meaningful reports based on consistently expressed activities.

Application on the Job:
Learn why security, trust, and profiles are important for xAPI-based systems and discover tips for implementing them.
Uncover best practices for leveraging profiles, which help you make meaning from statements and uncover business impact.
Learn how to guarantee trust through statement signing, private keys, and encryption.

Type: Concurrent Session

Tracks: Trending Technology

Attendee Level: All Levels/General

Target Audiences: Developer, Executive

Topic: xAPI


Seabrooks, TJ

Seabrooks, TJ


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