W309HOL - Wired, Not Tired—Is Curation the Cure for What Ails You?

Wednesday, February 06 | 3:00 PM - 5:15 PM | Room: 2C

Session Description:
Content curation is rapidly becoming an essential skill for learning professionals, but many have yet to take the step of putting it into practice. In this session, you'll learn how to use curation for moving beyond the traditional packaging of courses to provide better, more efficient solutions for your learners, stakeholders, and yourself. Bring your laptop to test drive top curation tools that can transform your media consumption from a deluge of data to a world of wisdom. This session will help you craft a solid content curation strategy while introducing the tools and techniques you can use to build a powerful, efficient curation work flow to fit your personal needs and preferences.

Application on the Job:
Craft a content strategy plan to guide your curation.
Discover and keep up with the most valuable content effectively and efficiently.
Gain tools and techniques for building your own personalized content curation system.

Type: Hands on Learning

Tracks: Trending Technology

Attendee Level: All Levels/General

Target Audiences: Director/Manager, Executive

Topic: Future of work


Taylor, Mike

Taylor, Mike

Director of Learning Technology & Online Projects

Mindset Digital