TH310HOL - User Testing: A Deep Dive

Thursday, February 07 | 2:15 PM - 4:30 PM | Room: 2F

Session Description:
User testing is one of the most powerful tools for creating solutions that work the way we want---and the way our learners expect. Unfortunately, it's often overlooked and can even be scary if you've never done it before. But solid user testing techniques can actually be easier to start using than you might expect. In this session, we will cover a simple and reliable process that includes customizable templates for each step. We'll also execute a live user test so that you can experience the process from every perspective. Whether you're new to e-learning or just new to discovering usability principles, you will leave this session with the knowledge, tools, and confidence you need to start making user testing part of your process.

Application on the Job:
Learn how user testing can be used in L&D to make what we create better.
Discover what user testing can and can't help.
Experience everything you need to start performing user tests, from planning to reporting.

Type: Hands on Learning

Tracks: E-Learning

Attendee Level: New Practitioner

Target Audiences: Instructional Designer

Topic: Design


Katz, Judy

Katz, Judy

Instructional Designer