W407 - Integrating Serious Gaming and Live Simulations to Produce Serious Results in Leadership Development

Wednesday, February 06 | 4:15 PM - 5:15 PM | Room: 2A

Session Description:
Is your organization too old-fashioned to try serious gaming? The training and development team of a nuclear engineering design firm introduced two immersive learning experiences to their top-tier leadership development program, and the results were immediate. Hear how participants practiced negotiation and communication skills in the safe environment of a serious game. Then hear how the training team took the concepts practiced in the game and designed a live simulation based on real company challenges. When participants have multiple opportunities to practice and synthesize leadership skills in safe spaces---in this case, virtual and live---they will be more likely to employ these behaviors confidently in real-life situations.

Application on the Job:
Discover how serious companies can incorporate serious games into their leadership training programs.
Apply serious gaming strategies to a simulated, problem-based event.
Develop a customized live simulation synopsis for a program of your choosing.

Type: Concurrent Session

Tracks: Serious Games and Simulations

Attendee Level: All Levels/General

Target Audiences: Instructional Designer, Trainer/Facilitator

Topic: Simulation design and development


Freedman, Kyle

Freedman, Kyle

Talent Acquisition and Employee Development Manager

Enercon Services, Inc.

Upshaw, Tierra

Upshaw, Tierra

Corporate Trainer

Enercon Services