TH402 - The Importance of Branding in Learning Design

Thursday, February 07 | 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM | Room: 2A

Session Description:
Branding is presence-it aids recognition, adds appeal, and gives products personality. As learning designers, we want a seamless experience for the learner, and presentation is a major factor. Our goal is to frame instructional content, captivate an audience, and retain attention. In this session, we will focus on the role branding plays in instructional design and consider questions such as: Do we need to brand courses? What types of branded assets can be created outside of an e-learning course to support the overall experience? You will leave the session with new techniques that give your learning content personality and appeal, and identify ways to lead this effort for your own design team.

Application on the Job:
Use content marketing and branding techniques to give your learning products even more personality.
Explore how company culture plays into branding choices for learning products.
Build landing pages, gate screens, and templates to support your branded learning products.

Type: Concurrent Session

Tracks: E-Learning

Attendee Level: Intermediate

Target Audiences: Director/Manager, Instructional Designer

Topic: Design


Lee, Miranda

Lee, Miranda

Freelance Learning Designer

LX Labs Co.